Intentional Growth Consulting, LLC

We are a results-driven consulting firm. We look to support small through middle market businesses and non-profit organizations research, design, plan, assess, and ultimately manage the future growth of their business. Our clients and our people know why we are doing a project, how we are executing the project and what we are trying to achieve. We connect the right people with the right capabilities to deliver value for your most important opportunities.

We empower our people in the field, thereby reducing non-productive spend and remain focused on delivering value. We reflect on our collective experience, enhance the good, eliminate the bad, and establish an environment for your constantly improving culture.

The IGC Difference

Intentional Growth Consulting will not just provide you a strategy to follow. We will walk you through the process step-by-step to build a strategic plan that fits your business and your needs.
IGC Principles have over 80 years of combined national and international business experience. Principle Norm Gansmiller, MBA, brings over 40 years of start up to large domestic business management to your business. Bill Berry, BA Honors, adds 37 years of international and domestic senior executive position experience. Your business will benefit greatly from Norm and Bill’s considerable experience as you pursue growth.
Intentional Growth Consulting has the time to commit to reviewing and analyzing your businesses process that as the entrepreneur, you most likely don’t have. IGC has the time to create a personalized action plan specific to your needs that will enable your business to grow.

Manage alignment, execute process and develop culture at a time of growth



Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Do you know whether the organizations people, processes and technology are ready for growth? How do you know?

Full Service

Let IGC evaluate the marketing, sales and organization capability and help you develop the strategic business plan to capture growth.

Where to Grow

How big is the target market? How do you enter the targeted area? Do you know how competitors will respond? How will it impact your current customers and market?

Market Analysis

Let IGC conduct a market analysis for you. Understand the strengths, weaknesses and actions required to grow.

Brand Promise

How will the targeted growth impact your current customers? Can you add volume without impacting what you already have built? Is there leadership alignment? Are the teams ready to step up?

Leadership Alignment

Let IGC evaluate your organizations capability to effectively execute a growth strategy. Raise your confidence and lower your risk through evaluation and planning.

Let IGC help your business grow